Brainstorming for Poorly Designed Mobile Application

Image by MindInventory

Finding a poorly designed mobile application is a challenging task. Most applications on our phones are used by us daily. The reasons why we are using them are that we like how they perform and they meet our needs. Buggy and unappealing apps are often uninstalled and replace with their close substitutes. After some time, these poorly design apps may even be forgotten. As a result, during my search for a poorly designed application, I cannot find such an app on my phone or recall their existence.

Fortunately, my teammates remembered the terrible apps that they used in the past. We shortlisted 2 applications (My Transport.SG & Healthy 365) and evaluated them before finalising on which mobile application to redesign.


My Transport.SG Bus Arrival Time Feature

My Transport.SG is a mobile application developed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). It aims to be an application that provides all the information related to Singapore’s transport system. Like all feature-packed applications, most users only utilised 1 to 2 functions. Average commuters mainly frequent the “Bus Arrival Time” feature while drivers mainly visit the “ERP Rates” and “Traffic Cameras” tabs. Reliability of these core features retains users on the platform. Yet, users often complain about the inaccurate bus arrival timing. Unreliability of a real-time application drives users away from the app, in search of alternatives to provide better services.

Healthy 365 Dashboard & Challenge Feature

Healthy 365 is a health and diet tracking mobile application developed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). It aims to promote healthy living in Singaporeans by providing insights on their daily activities and diet. The jarring problem with the application is its clustered and complicated user interface design. The application tried to piece many features together but failed to present the information in a visually pleasing and organised manner. While users are frustrated with the app, they have to remain on the platform to participate in the National Health Challenge.

Team’s Decision

While both applications face functionality issues, my team decided to work on Healthy 365 due to its confusing user design, and that users are forced to use it to earn rewards.


The challenge faced during the brainstorming phase made me realised the importance of a well-designed application. Frustration amongst users will deter them from revisiting the application. There will always be substitutes available. Few will remember or continue using a poorly designed app. While the user interface is important, the app’s functionalities still play an important role in the user experience.