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During this semester, I attended an online conference titled Design System for People” by Invision. Invision is a company which helps other companies to improve their digital product design. Inferring from the title, I thought that I signed up for a discussion on the various ways to improve the design system to provide better user experience for the users. However, the conference discussed the importance of investing in a well-designed design system. Although the content was unexpected, the conference provided me with insights not covered in class.

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During this semester, I attended an online conference titled “Accessibility — The Benefit of Inclusive Design” by We are you. We are you is a digital agency that provides smart and reusable digital solutions for its clients. Accessibility design is a topic not covered in depth in lecture. Therefore, I sign up for this event to find out the various ways used by the companies to make their application more accessible.

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Presentation Preparation

In preparation of the final presentation and pitch document, I was tasked to analyse the survey results we collected. From the raw results data, I need to figure out how to interpret them meaningfully. Fortunately, the survey results are represented in Google Sheets, which allows me to plot charts to visualise the data. By using charts, it is easier to find correlations and discover insights from the survey results.

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Understanding Healthy’s 365 users

After conducting preliminary exploration through interviews, my team decided to use a survey for secondary research on Healthy 365’s user demographic, user experience and pain points. My team split the app’s users into two groups: current and ex-user. Based on the user group, we identified a few key questions to ask the respective groups to understand the survey participants better. These questions gave us insights on how we can improve the usability and adoption of Healthy 365 amongst Singaporeans. The survey was circulated outside of our social circles to ensure that our feedback was as diverse as possible.

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A pain point is a specific problem that the users are experiencing. In a mobile application, there may be areas of the app that the users experience issues with or feel that can be improved.

Interviewing for User Feedback

To identify the pain points, I went around my social circles, requesting feedback from my friends on Healthy 365. I received many negative reviews and noticed that none of them is current users of the app. Many of them are existing users of other fitness tracking applications. Initially attracted by the Health Challenge rewards, most left as the rewards available are unappealing to them. …

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Finding a poorly designed mobile application is a challenging task. Most applications on our phones are used by us daily. The reasons why we are using them are that we like how they perform and they meet our needs. Buggy and unappealing apps are often uninstalled and replace with their close substitutes. After some time, these poorly design apps may even be forgotten. As a result, during my search for a poorly designed application, I cannot find such an app on my phone or recall their existence.

Fortunately, my teammates remembered the terrible apps that they used in the past…

Eric Yang Jia Wei

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